Product Overview#

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Blitz Identity Provider provides Internet users access to company websites and mobile applications, as well as employee access to internal company resources and cloud services.

Blitz Identity Provider is used as an integration platform to connect company applications to LDAP directories and domain controllers. If the company uses a domain, Blitz Identity Provider will provide end-to-end employee access to company applications so that the employee is authenticated once, when logging into the network domain.

Key features of Blitz Identity Provider:

  • providing a single end-to-end user login to applications (Single Sign-On);

  • two-factor authentication;

  • configurable user interface of the login, registration, access recovery, account management pages;

  • login using external identity providers: login using social network accounts, federated login using external identity providers;

  • checking access rights for user logins to applications;

  • verification of user and application access rights using REST-services;

  • logging of access history and account activities.