Why Blitz Smart Card Plugin?

Blitz Smart Card Plugin helps your website to access digital signature keys and use them. Do you want to integrate the signing documents function into your website? Or do you want to build a website authentication system based on hardware digital signature keys? The Blitz Smart Card Plugin offers the needed tools to achieve these goals.

Before you start - see the demo-page.

Blitz Smart Card Plugin components

The Blitz Smart Card Plugin includes components you need to integrate digital signature into your website:

  • a script for embedding into your website. This script creates the plugin object on the webpage.
  • a plugin for installing on the end user's computer. The plugin is responsible for the interaction between the user's browser and the digital signature key.
  • browser extensions that should be installed by the end user in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (v.52 and newer), because these browsers can't interact with the plugin directly.

Supported keys

The Blitz Smart Card Plugin supports RSA and ECDSA algorithms. Our digital signature plugin has a modular structure. Each module allows you to use one or more signature token.

You can find below the current list of tokens. Test your digital signature key on our demo-page.

Want to add another signature key? Make a request.

1 Used in plugin interface

2 You can install the plugin in Linux Ubuntu 16, Linux Fedora 23, Linux Mint 17/18 and CentOS as a deb/rpm package

3 To use JaCarta PKI in macOS X and Linux, you need to install a library from the manufacturer

4 For the keys of this manufacturer you need to install the driver and software (PKI Client for Windows and macOS X, PKCS#11 library for Linux)

5 Before installing the driver in macOS, you need to make sure that a folder named /usr/local/lib exists

6 For the keys of this manufacturer you need to install SafeNet Authentication Client