What is an account attribute?#

A user account is defined by a set of attributes.

The attribute values are set in the following ways:

  • are read from connected attribute stores;

  • are read from the Blitz Identity Provider database;


    The attribute is read and saved in the database if no attribute mapping is configured for the attribute in the connected attribute store.

  • computed from other attributes or filled with constant values.


    You can compute the attribute user domain from an email address email, or create a composite attribute full name from the individual attributes with the surname, first name and middle name of the user.

The configuration of attributes consists of:

  • configuring stored attributes, i.e., those maintained in connected repositories or in the Blitz Identity Provider database;

  • configuring computable attributes, i.e., those that must take a constant value or that are computed by rules.

  • configuring input value conversion rules that allow you to convert attribute values when they are changed (e.g., when they are edited by the user or during invoking of the corresponding API);

  • configuring output value conversion rules that allow to perform additional transformations with the computed attributes;

  • configuring attribute assignment - definition of the identifier in the system and attributes, responsible for mobile phone number, e-mail address.


For Blitz Identity Provider to work correctly, as a minimum, the following configurations must be performed:

  • necessary attributes are configured;

  • one of the attributes is defined as an identifier.