Confirmation codes sent by email#

You can use confirmation codes sent by email to confirm the login (the second factor of authentication).


To do this, you must:

  • configure and enable this authentication method. The method must be defined for it to work correctly:

    • length of the confirmation code;

    • validation time;

    • number of attempts to enter the confirmation code for 1 login;

    • total number of attempts (number of code sends and code entry attempts, after which this authentication method will be temporarily blocked for the user);

    • blocking time when attempts are exceeded (in minutes);

    • configure the sending method: specify the attribute in which the user’s e-mail address is stored, e.g. ${email};

  • configure Blitz Identity Provider connection to the SMTP service (see Notifications and sending messages).

Keep in mind, that if the user does not have an email address set, he or she will not be able to use the login confirmation method using the codes sent to the email address.