Limitations when using instructions#


The express installation instructions cover a minimal configuration without fault tolerance, placing all components on 1 virtual machine.


The operating system must be updated with current patches before work can be performed.

The instructions are given for the case when the virtual machine is connected to the Internet. The instructions use the name testinstallation.local as the domain name for installation (it should be corrected). In the scripts used for configuration, the string CHANGE_ME is used as the password (it must be corrected). All actions are performed with the privileges of the root user.

Blitz Identity Provider distribution kit files must be downloaded and extracted to the ~/tmp/blitz directory before installation on the server (check the correct version in BLITZ_REL):

export BLITZ_REL=5.18.0
mkdir -p ~/tmp/blitz
wget -q ''$BLITZ_REL'&files=blitz-'$BLITZ_REL.bin -O ~/tmp/blitz/blitz-$BLITZ_REL.bin
wget -q ''$BLITZ_REL'&' -O ~/tmp/blitz/
unzip ~/tmp/blitz/ -d ~/tmp/blitz
find ~/tmp/blitz -name *.sh -o -name *.bin|xargs chmod +x