Login by QR code#

Blitz Identity Provider provides the option to set up a QR code login to the web application as the first authentication factor.

The login process is organized as follows:

  • A user in a browser initiates a login to a web application. Blitz Identity Provider displays a login page. On the login page, the user selects “Login by QR Code”.

  • Blitz Identity Provider displays a QR code and instructions to the user on the login page. The QR code has a limited validity period (a timer with the QR code validity period is shown to the user).

  • The user launches the mobile application of the company, which has built-in support for the QR code login mode, and scans the QR code with the help of this application.

  • The mobile app shows the user detailed login information received from Blitz Identity Provider (the name of the app being logged into, the IP address, browser, and operating system name of the device being logged into).

  • The user in the mobile app decides whether to allow or deny entry.

  • Depending on the user’s decision on the computer, the user successfully logs into the application or the login request is denied.

Customizing the method includes specifying the following parameters:

  • QR code validity time - during this period the user must scan the QR code and make a decision to log in;

  • link that will be encoded in the QR code - indicates which application or web page should be launched in case the QR code is read by the standard “Camera” application. The encoded QR code will be passed to the link as a parameter (the link will be QR_URL?code=b0671081-cb73-4839-8bc1-8cf020457228);

  • logo link (optional) - this logo will be displayed in the center of the QR code.